Sunsynk 16kW Hybrid Inverter

R78,936.00 inc VAT


  • NRS (National Regulation Standards) Approved
  • 3 Phase, high voltage
  • Full Hybrid
  • Supports three phase unbalanced output
  • 2 MPPTs
  • Max DC Input: 16kW
  • Integrated BMS (Battery Management System)
  • UPS Function
  • Fan-less – Low noise
  • 97.6% Efficiency
  • Unique Smart Load application
  • Grid peak shaving function
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator
  • 5-year Warranty

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Sunsynk 16kW Hybrid Inverter
Sunsynk 16kW Hybrid Inverter R78,936.00 inc VAT

We have taken the Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter to the highest level. Our new Sunsynk MAX is the most powerful low-voltage inverter in the world, achieving a maxium output power of 16kW and battery charge current of 300A.

This power management tool allows the user to hit those ‘parity’ targets by managing power-flow from multiple sources such as solar, mains power (grid) and generators, and then effectively storing and releasing power as and when utilities require.


  • Supporting Wi-Fi or GSM monitoring
  • Visual power flow screen
  • Parallel / multi invert function grid-tied and off-grid


  • Compatible with main electrical grid voltages or power generators
  • Self-consumption and feed-in to the grid
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Auto earth bond feature (Via a relay)


  • Fully programmable controller
  • Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: on-grid/off-grid & UPS
  • Configurable battery charging – current/voltage based on the application
  • Configurable AC / solar / generator charger priority by LCD setting


  • Overload/over-temperature/short-circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery protection
  • Limiting function installed to prevent excess power overflow to grid

Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
Max. 16 inverters in parallel; Support multiple batteries parallel
Max. charging/discharging current of 300A
16kW super hybrid inverter
Support storing energy from diesel generator
Support storing energy from diesel generator


This Deye Inverter is a brand new three phase hybrid inverter with low battery voltage 48V, ensuring a safe system.

With compact design and high-power density, this series supports 1.3 DC/AC ratio, saving device investment. It supports three phase unbalanced output, extending the application scenarios. Equipped with CAN port (x2) BMS and parallel, x1 RS485 port for BMS, x1 RS232 port for remotely control, x1 DRM port, which makes the system smart and flexible.

Without a doubt the  best value for money Hybrid inverter , there’s nothing that comes close for the size, quality, capacity, cost and performance!

This monster can handle  15600 WATTS of PV power , this is ideal for those wanting that large solar array to cover them over the overcast days and more!

With the ability to  blend Solar, Battery and Grid together  this is a true Hybrid inverter.

The versatility of this inverter is amazing, you can:

  • Use it like a Grid-Tied, with panels only
  • Use it as a Load Shedding Solution, with batteries only
  • Use it in an Off-Grid situation, not connected to the grid
  • Use it in an On-Grid situation, connected to the grid
  • Use it as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Use it for 3-Phase (1 inverter per phase)
  • Use it for Commercial purposes due to it’s Robust build

You can parallel 16 inverters to create a huge Solar System, ideal for commercial applications. We’ve sold hundreds of these inverters and  we give this a maximum rating !

Inverter Features

Essential & Non-Essential Loads

Essential & Non-Essential Loads Being able to have Essential & Non-Essential loads enables you to split out your heavy appliances, saving your battery backup.

Completely Autonomous

Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter Autonomous Hybrid Solar Inverter  keeps the lights on and your bills to zero with no effort.   This solar inverter is smart by knowing what to do and when.

Robust & Reliable

Sunsynk 16kW Robust & Reliable Icon A great looking unit makes the Sunsynk a firm favourite over other inverters in this range, the quality of the Sunsynk inverters are fantastic.


Sunsynk 16kW Compatibility Icon Compatible with most  AGM and Lithium-ion batteries  on the market, this inverter has many years of development making it stable and robust when configured correctly.

Blending AC & DC

Sunsynk 16kW Blending Icon The Sunsynk is a  true Hybrid inverter , it blends the DC (panels & batteries with the AC grid in the most efficient way.

Parallel Connection

Sunsynk 16kW Parallel Icon A fantastic feature for those wanting to expand their system at a later stage. This inverter can  parallel up to 16 units .

LCD Screen

Sunsynk 16kW LCD Screen Icon Change settings and monitor the inverters performance with the LCD display.

5-Year Warranty

Sunsynk 16kW Warranty Icon Get peace of mind with a standard  5-year warranty. 

How Hybrid Inverters Work

Datasheet & Manual Downloads

Sunsynk 16kW Datasheet

Sunsynk 16kW Manual

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