Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Heating your water and cooling your home is expensive, it accounts for a decent portion of your monthly electricity bill, as much as 40%!

There are now modern day solutions to cutting that cost down dramatically, from solar powered solutions to technology that is fast replacing old-fashioned systems such as your geyser element.

Solar Geysers

One of the most popular options today the solar geyser heats your water up during the day by circulating water through the roof-top system. This reduces the amount of energy you pay for during the year.

Heat Pumps

This technology has been around for sometime and it's only being recognised more today, the heat exchange process can give you the same heating for more than a third of the price!

Solar Powered Geyser Conversion Kits

A simple solution that requires very little plumbing and works like a dream, the solar panels heat up the geyser element during the day, very effective and very little outlay.

Energy Efficient Geyser Element

A must have, this has to be the biggest bang for your buck! It's intelligent design monitors the water temperature and only turns on when it needs to, save up to 25% on your bill!

Solar Powered Air Conditioning

When it's hot you stay cool, with very little or no grid electricity. For those who are worried about the cost of running an Air Conditioner on the grid you can now install panels and connect them to this amazing Solar Air Conditioner, it also takes grid power too.