Solar Geysers

Solar Geysers

Without a doubt, Solar Geysers will save you a lot of money and is still one of the best investments you can make.

We have various kits and parts available, we can also arrange installations for certain areas.

Want to understand how Solar Geysers work? Read our complete easy to read the guide here.


These systems are the most popular, they use very little moving parts making them very reliable.

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Conversion Kits

If you have an existing geyser you can purchase a Conversion Kit, these are commonly called "Retrofits".

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Solar Geysers in South Africa

The South African climate is perfect for solar power. And if you want to test how effective it can be, start by addressing one of the biggest problems – the geyser.

Even when they run on timers, the resistance element responsible for heating the water drains a significant amount of energy. For many residents and business owners, a solar geyser is the first step towards much bigger changes.

We have put together a helpful guide as part of our campaign to keep consumers informed. Before you pay for anything related to solar geysers or equipment in general, check out the facts rights here.

A Range of Solar Geyser Options

Due to great innovation in solar geysers, you get to choose between different solar geyser models. For example, do you want to install a panel to heat the water? Or should you consider an evacuated tube model? Both options have benefits to consider and this is exactly what our guide is for. Other technical terms are explained as well, such as the differences between thermosiphon and close coupled systems.

Several of the packages we offer are ready-to-go in terms of installation. That means all the critical components are included. From the panel and the geyser to the valves, all the necessities to switch to solar are part of the package. Just like our complete solar power kits to make things more convenient, we have put together the most efficient solar geyser packages too.

Additional Advice and Guidance

A common question among homeowners is whether they need to install a new geyser as well? Because if the geyser is new, this requirement could make you think twice. Luckily you do not have to replace the geyser that is already installed. With a retrofit kit, your geyser can be adapted to work with solar power.

This is just one of the many questions we discuss in our guide. Other useful information will include hints like how to make the geyser more efficient. A good example is to use a thermal blanket, in addition to a timer.

Equipment from the Best Solar Power Brands

You want nothing less than quality brands for several reasons. Firstly, quality brands are more efficient for longer. Secondly, warranties will automatically form part of the package. We also have friendly consultants on hand to make your decision-making easier.