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Solar Power Products

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We only sell the best tried and tested Solar Power Products, available nationwide we ensure you get the right solar solution for you. Our catalogue comprises of Solar Power Kits, Load Shedding Kits, Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries and Solar Peripherals such as switches, wiring, roof mounting, battery cabinets and more.

Solar Panels

We have a range of highest quality brands available.
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Solar Batteries

We have a range of modern Lithium-ion brands available.
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Solar Inverters

We have a range of Off-Grid, Grid-Tied and Bi-Directional (Hybrid) Inverters brands available.
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We supply everything else you need for you Solar Power System.
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Solar Power Systems

Pick the solar power from the beginning that you need to run an effective family or business property. On the off chance that you look carefully, you'll see that each board gives an alternate yield.

Sun oriented boards additionally fluctuate in assembling characteristics, so for most, it's a matter of finding a decent harmony among moderateness and quality. Notwithstanding, the primary thing that ought to be mulled over is your rooftop space. It will direct what number of sun based boards you'll have the option to introduce, which will impact the sort of board you'll require. Greater boards mean less space. In any case, a financial limit driven decision depends more on accessible space.

The cost has dropped colossally for these frameworks. This makes it to such a degree, that, with charge inspirations or discounts, a sunlight based board framework will pay for itself in just two or three years. Fundamentally, at the expense of two or three years of intensity, you get 25 to 35 years of intensity. In all honesty, sun based will likely keep making power at a lower rate for even an extremely significant time-frame after that.

Sun based boards are not sober minded for regions that get lots of shade for the length of the day. Everything considered, with the happening to scaled down scale inverters and grid tie inverters that have DC analysers related with each individual sunlight based board, a couple of territories with a smidgen of hiding can, regardless, be another option.

Quality Vs Affordable Solar Power

Much of the time, it's smarter to pay somewhat extra and introducing a productive sun based exhibit from the beginning. It will set aside more cash over the long haul, and this is the kind of point of view that is energized. Continuously think about how quality boards will assist you with bringing down the line. Don't simply concentrate on what they will cost you now.

Solar Power for South Africa

Solar energy solutions are no doubt a big part of South Africa’s future. With the perfect climate and affordable equipment, it is a great option for everyone who resides in this sunny nation. Now you can reduce electricity costs and sustain the way you power your home or business through innovative solar technology. And everything you need is available at SolarAdvice, along with a user-friendly guide to explain the smaller details.

Individual Solar Parts

A complete solar power system will require specific parts in order to function. But the overall setup remains fairly basic without any moving parts to keep an eye on. Talk about low-maintenance, it does not get better than a solar power system. And the vital equipment includes panels, an inverter, cables, and switches. The rest is usually for additional functionality, such as battery banks for storing energy.

The panels will take care of converting sun rays to direct energy (DC). This energy is fed to the inverter, which handles the conversion to an alternating current (AC). The final product is renewable energy for home or business use. You can take the option to choose from individual parts if you want a total custom solar power system.

Convenience with Complete Kits

The alternative is to look at the complete solar power kits we have put together for you. Offered at bundled prices and combined with the focus to be as efficient as possible, our kits make shopping for solar a total breeze. Everything from the panel to the inverter is included. But you can go the extra mile in terms of kits that allow storing energy as well.

Load Shedding Kits

For home and business owners simply out to curb the damage done through load shedding, we offer special kits for this too. Thanks to our quality brands of solar batteries, you can keep energy stored in case of a blackout. Whether it happens due to grid-power failure or extreme weather conditions, you can stay functional with the right equipment.

Make a Difference with a Solar Geyser

Address your electricity costs without breaking the bank. A solar geyser can save you up to 50% on your energy costs. And the best part is that solar geysers are basic, durable, and quick to install. Our range of solar geyser systems can include a tank if you want. Or you can opt for a retrofit kit and keep the tank you have installed already.

Be energy-smart and contact our friendly consultants today. In addition to providing quotes, they can give valuable advice.

Advice for Solar Power

Searching for advice for solar power? The sun doesn't simply give warmth and light - it's provides solar power, too.

Sun based vitality (or sun based power) is the vitality we create from daylight. Through a procedure known as the photovoltaic impact, we can change over vitality from the sun's beams into power that can control our TVs, fridges, lights and different machines.

To create sun oriented vitality for your home or office, you need a solar-powered framework. We'll go over the pieces of that framework later in this guide. First, we should discuss the most unmistakable piece of the framework: solar power systems.

To what extent do sun based boards last?

Most makers ensure under the guarantee that their boards will be in any event 80% productive for a long time.

At the point when the guarantee is up, the boards don't separate. They essentially continue working at a decreased yield. A board that is evaluated at 300 watts, for instance, would produce 240 watts of yield at the 25-year point.


What Type of Solar Power System Do I Need?

Solar power systems are mainly divided between grid-tied and hybrid/off-grid systems. So, instead of thinking about what type of system you need, think about your energy needs in general. For instance, a local business that operates from 8 to 5 during the day should find a lot of value in a straightforward grid-tied system. Solar is the dominant source of power, while energy is sourced from the grid as needed. More details about these systems are available in our guide.

Is there a Difference between Solar Power Kits and Individual Equipment?

Just in case there might be any confusion, the complete power kits are simply for convenience. Seeing as certain brand combinations work better together than others, we took the liberty of making the connections for you. If you do not feel like shopping for individual parts, complete solar power kits should speed up the process. More about complete packages are available here.

How much Energy can I Generate through Solar Panels?

Given the wide range of options, you can generate a lot of power with the right solar power setup. But most homes use much less than commercial, even with all the appliances running. Hence the reason for doing some calculations beforehand, which our friendly consultants are happy to help with. Establish exactly how much you need, as well as the equipment necessary to make it happen.

Do I get a Tax Break for Installing Solar Power?

If you own a local business, you can make use of a tax incentive where a big portion of what you spend on solar equipment can be recouped. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find more details about this particular tax break, but SolarAdvice did the digging for you. The information about solar energy tax breaks in South Africa forms part of our helpful guide as well.

Do I need a Battery Bank?

Being able to store solar or excess energy can be incredibly useful, and it allows you to function at night without using grid power. And whether a battery bank is mandatory depends on the type of system you install. When you only need solar power during the day, the system does not require a battery bank, unless you want to cater for power outages.

Solar Power is All about Choice

Solar power systems are practical, quick to install, quiet, low-maintenance, and you have a world of options. With the right equipment harvesting and converting sun rays for your home or business, you can decrease the pressure of rising electricity tariffs.