The PylonTech name is one of the most well known and popular brands of Lithium-ion Batteries for sale in South Africa. They are known as one of the best solar batteries available due to their excellent quality.

Their modular design allows for future expansion should you need it. They are very easy to install and can be kept either in brackets, mounted on the floor or in a battery cabinet.

These lithium-ion solar batteries come in US, UP & PowerCube models with their own set of parameters:

US2000C & US3000C:
6000 cycles @ 95% DOD
7-year warranty – 10 on registration

UP2500 & UP5000:
4500 @ 95% DOD
5-year warranty

5000 cycles @ 90% DOD
7-year warranty – 10 on registration

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Founded in 2009, PylonTech has been committed to bringing reliable, expandable and safe Lithium-ion solar batteries to the world for over a decade.

The PylonTech batteries are compatible with many solar inverters available and will ensure that you have backup power during load shedding.

PylonTech prices are very competitive with other solar battery prices in South Africa, offering bang for your buck with their great DOD (depth of discharge), cycles and warranty periods.

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