Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

The newest in solar inverter technology, the Hybrid Inverter performs well above the likes of the Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Inverters that we’ve seen in the past.

Solar Hybrid Inverters are so versatile that they provide all the benefits of an Off-Grid inverter and a Grid-Tied inverter, which means that you can still keep your grid connection and have a battery bank.

The buck does not stop there, though. Hybrid Inverters offer power blending capabilities from all available power sources.

Should your usage exceed your solar power production, the Hybrid will still use your available solar power but use grid or stored energy to ensure a constant power supply. So you will be using all of your produced solar power.

Gone are the days of the Mecer Off-Grid Inverter that would switch entirely to grid supply if you were not producing enough solar power.

If you'd like to learn more about solar inverters and how they work, read our online guide which you can find in the menu above.




Inverter Sizes

If you’re not sure whether to choose between a 5kW or an 8kW inverter, here are some guidelines based on your average monthly electricity bill:

*10kW & 16kW Inverter consists of 2 x 5kW Hybrids / 8kW Hybrids

Scaling up is recommended if you’re on the higher end of either of these sizes.

EG: If your average monthly bill is R2800, choosing a Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter instead will allow for future expansion and it will ensure that you won’t outgrow your system by adding more appliances later on.

Inverter Comparisons

If you’ve done some research, you’ll see that there are numerous inverter brands and models available.

The Deye Hybrid Inverter has flooded the market in the last 1-2 years. They are so good that they have become a firm favourite. They are considered the best plug-and-play hybrid inverter South Africa has to offer.

A few companies have rebranded the Deye to display their brand name. The Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter, both the 5kW and 8kW are rebranded Deyes and so are the Fusion Hybrids. These are still excellent inverters.

If you’re partial to the Victron brand, we also offer Victron Hybrid Inverters. Please get in touch with our sales team to assist you.

Why Use a Hybrid System?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward at SolarAdvice, so only the best solar equipment combinations are used with high-quality hybrid inverters.

Choosing a Hybrid Inverter or complete system is beneficial because they:

  • Allow you to fall back to the grid if your battery backup has been depleted
  • Optimise the energy sources together
  • Are the most versatile out of the 3 main types of inverters

Let our friendly consultants assist you whether you need the hybrid inverter or a complete off-the-grid kit. Get independent advice if you are not sure about something, and shop solar directly from our online store.