Solar Panels

Solar Panels

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Advice on Solar Panels

There are various sizes of solar panels in South Africa. This makes it difficult to choose the appropriate one for your solar power system.

In reality, many more factors come into play when designing a Solar Array. For instance, roof size, budget, production needs and your inverters parameters all need to be considered when choosing a panel. Roof direction, structure, and shading impact array size and positioning.

Is a Solar Array Worth the Money?

Absolutely, and I am not just saying this because we are a solar company that sells solar solutions.

A grid-tied solar system with a solar battery bank will allow you to use and store solar power.

It allows you to become independent from the grid, save money on electricity and avoid the frustrations of load shedding.

We rely heavily on electricity supply to perform our daily dutiesat home and at work. It is becoming increasingly difficult to perform optimally when our grid is unreliable and unavailable when we need it.

When you become self-sufficient, you will not have these frustrations to deal with. Using clean energy reduces your carbon footprint and helps preserve the environment for future generations.

Quality Vs Affordable Solar Panels

Never overlook quality because installing efficient panels is better, even if it means paying a little bit extra.

Solar panel prices in South Africa range from a few hundred rands to thousands of rands. Brand, availability and rated power all dictate the price per watt.

Always look for the best solar panels you can find.

Research solar panel brands and suppliers by checking solar forums and social media platforms before making a purchase. You will find customer experiences on sites that sell solar power products very useful when choosing a brand or supplier.

Low-Maintenance Renewable Energy

One of the best things about solar panels is the lack of moving parts.

Without moving parts to complicate the situation, the only maintenance you need to perform is keeping the panels clean.

Because the cleaner the panels, the more capable they are of harvesting free energy from the sun.




Solar Panels are the Practical Choice

We have the perfect climate for solar power production. We also have an unstable grid, making solar a practical and reliable source of power. Solar systems are an investment because you will be saving money on electricity.

Frequently asked questions:

Panel maintenance

Solar panels do not require difficult maintenance. Simply keep your panels clean, and make sure there are no shaded spots. Wash them with water and cut back any trees that overhang or cast shadows on them.

Roof-mounted or on the ground?

Depending on the size of your roof or your property, you can choose between a roof and a ground-mounted array. To work out if your roof is suitable or not you can read our short guide.

Solar Panel Installation, what to expect?

How long does the installation take?

Solar panel installation should take between 1-3 days, depending on the number of panels installed.

Who installs solar panels?

A DC team will take care of the panel installation, while the AC team does the AC wiring. The solar installer must be a qualified, registered installation electrician must supervise installations.

When can I use my Solar Panels in Cape Town?

CoCT customers must submit an application for approval to have a grid-tied system. This process takes a few months from beginning to end. You can start using your solar array once an electrical engineer has done the final signoff.

What to look for buying Solar Panels online?

  • The power output
  • Efficiency
  • The size and weight
  • The brand
  • Cost versus quality
  • Warranties