Hybrid Solar Power Kits

Hybrid Solar Power Kits

These Hybrid Solar Power Kits can be used in a multitude of instances. From homes to large-sized businesses.

The Hybrid inverter offers power blending. This means that you can use power from the grid, solar panels AND your batteries at the same time.

It will distribute your load according to what is available. This will lighten your grid load and also ensure that you have constant power.




Some of our Hybrid inverters can be paralleled together and all come in sizes between 5kW - 8kW.

These Hybrid Solar Power Kits offer a greater return on investment. Ensuring you see the difference in your pocket in the least amount of time.

When there is no solar power or grid power, one of these best selling Lithium Solar Batteries will ensure you have enough power to keep your necessary appliances on.

The Lithium Batteries offer warranties of up to 10 years and can be stacked together, which makes them easy to install. This also allows for gradual growth as and when your needs change.

You have full control over the size of your battery bank.

Our kits come complete with everything you’ll need for quick installation.

Want to learn about the differences between Hybrid and the other Solar Power Kit options? Read our online guide.