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Why Us?

We’re here to help you, learn about and flourish in your solar power journey.

Our mission is to teach you and empower you to make your own Solar Power decisions, with the support of our professional, helpful team. If you decide that you would rather have us give you choices that best suit you, then we can certainly do the work for you.

Solar Power is a sustainable, reliable solution to our most common electricity supply issues in South Africa today. Namely, exorbitant electricity prices and instability of the grid.

We believe that it is our responsibility to encourage you, the people of South Africa and neighbouring countries, to take control of your own power needs, and reduce your carbon footprint. Every small step in the right direction impacts the world that we leave behind for future generations.

About Us

SolarAdvice was first started in 2016 by our two directors, Armando Da Silva and Neil Berrow.

We started as a small business with Armando on the day to day workings of SolarAdvice and Neil, who designed and built our website. We now have several more employees, including our sales team, marketing team and support staff—each playing a vital role in the success of SolarAdvice.

We have a sales office in Cape Town and a new warehouse in Germiston, Gauteng.
We are also delighted to have recently partnered with several reputable Solar Installers in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban, George and PE and hope to expand our installation abilities to all areas of South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

We have recently been featured in a few online articles on Solar Power which you can read here:
How much it costs to say goodbye to Eskom
Solar power is now much cheaper than Eskom

With each new year, we will continue to grow by importing quality products, fit for commercial and residential application, being customer-focused and offering the best customer service in the industry. We also hope to create new partnerships and relationships with all our clients, past, present and future and continue to make online purchases as quick and easy for all, demystifying the workings of Solar Power and bridging the gap between Solar Power Technologies and the consumer.

Our Team


Neil Berrow



Armando Da Silva


Our Sales Team


David Brown



Leon Robbertze



Dean Brown



Tammy Brown

After Sales

Our Marketing Team


Sam Berrow

Marketing Manager


Tracey Montgomery

Head of Design

Our Technicians


David Brunette

Cape Town

Where Are We?

Our clients had this to say on Hellopeter

“EXCITED about LOAD SHEDDING - Thanks to Solar Advice
What a fantastic product set. Professional installation and for the first time ever I am excited about Load Shedding. Thanks so much Solar Advice."
- Richard K

Very pleased with the installed system. They deliver on all commitments given. Overall very good service"
- Mike N

To see more reviews, click here:

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