Geyserwise Delta T Thermal Controller

R1,401.56 inc VAT

For use in 220V pumped Solar Water Heating Systems

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  • Includes all aspects of a basic installation
  • Includes PRIB certificate
  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • Booking Management
  • Covers any Potential Fault Support
  • Covers Shipping Fees or Return Fees for Potential Faulty Equipment


  • Subject to site inspection.
  • Price is for 1 Solar Geyser Installation only.
  • Excludes any pre-existing plumbing issues

Geyserwise Delta T Thermal Controller
Geyserwise Delta T Thermal Controller R1,401.56 inc VAT

The Geyserwise Delta T Thermal Controller allows you to set your geyser’s heating times and temperatures.


  • Clear display of water temperature, time, day, heating mode and malfunction conditions on solar system and geyser.
  • Auto or manual heating.
  • Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30 – 65°C) factory default is 55°C.
  • Four different temperature settings.
  • Daily programmable timer with four time settings.
  • Error conditions alert by warning code E2 to E5 and E7 to E9.
  • Electronic thermostat with mechanical, thermal cut-out at 90°C. Please note the cut-out temperature for systems expected to
    reach temperatures above this temperature.
  • Differential controller 220V pumped solar system.

Technical Parameters

  • Operating voltage 230VAC / 50HZ.
  • Main relay contact rating 20AMP (Max 4KW).
  • Secondary relays pump 5Amp.
  • Operating voltage range 160V – 250V AC.
  • Temperature display range 0 – 200°C (“-5” when below -5°C “EA” ).
  • High-temperature warning above 85°C.
  • Temperature setting ranges 30 – 65°C (heating water electrically).
  • Heat failure – when increasing at a rate of less than 4°C per hour.
  • Electronic thermostat with a mechanical, thermal cutout at 90°C.
  • Dry heat detection – empty cylinder.
  • Temperature tolerance ± 2%.
  • Temperature differential setting 1°C.
  • Switching differential 6°C.
  • 2nd temperature probe for solar.
  • Solar differential setting range 7°C – 15°C.
  • Temperature probe failure detection for both collector and tank.
  • Temperature probe range for geyser is -30 to + 130°C.
  • Temperature probe range for the collector is -30 to + 260°C.
  • Isolate L when in off state.
  • Collector antifreeze protection setting range 0 – 10°C.


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