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Thermal Controllers – Solar Geyser Installation Tips

A basic solar geyser installation doesn’t have many components. You’ve got the collectors that capture the radiation from the sun, the pipes through which the heat is distributed (either glycol or water), the pump that helps to circulate the heat, and of course the tank where the water is stored. The last component to complete this picture is the thermal controller. We’ve already covered several introductions at SolarAdvice, such as the different solar batteries and panels , so this article will focus on thermal controllers.

What Are Thermal Controllers?

In many ways the thermal controller is considered the brain of a solar geyser installation. It’s the component that lets the pump know when to start circulating either the heating fluid or water. Two sensors are placed in key areas. The first sensor is attached to the collector, while the second sensor keeps tabs on the tank. So, the thermal controller’s job is to sense when there is enough heat on the collector’s side. If that’s the case, the controller will switch on the pump and the heat will start to circulate.

A Controller as Part of a Solar Geyser Installation

Every component in a solar array needs to function at a top level of efficiency. This goes for the controller as well. If the sensors aren’t doing their job, or the controller itself malfunctions, there won’t be a signal for the pump to start working. In other words, you need a thermal controller that will carry a daily load for a long time.

The controller in the picture above is the Geyserwise Delta T Digital. It’s got a user-friendly digital interface from where you can set the temperature, get current readings, and even malfunctioning issues. These are just some of the features, but the most important part is the quality of the controller. As such a critical part of the solar geyser system, this is the type of controller you’re looking for.

The Costs

There is no set price for a thermal controller, because everything will depend on the manufacturer and the quality. On the shop side of SolarAdvice you can expect to pay between R700 and R1200, given your preferences.

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