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Load Shedding: Inverter Battery Guide

Inverter battery backup systems are very much needed in South Africa as we face more and more load shedding. But you may not know what home battery backup solution is right for you. In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Inverter Battery load shedding solutions and how to size them. Contents: […]

How to Size a Home Solar Power System

Many South Africans are looking to invest in renewable energy sources to supplement the lacking and costly grid-supplied electricity. Solar power systems have become increasingly popular because they are readily available and reliable. Grid-tied and off-grid solar systems will assist in making your home energy independent. In this guide, you’ll learn how to size a […]

Solar Power House

Solar Power Kits: The Complete Guide

Solar Power Kits are fast becoming the best way to choose the right Solar Power System without sourcing and researching all the parts yourself. They are easy to set up and easier to install for installers, ensuring you have all the parts needed. Here is what we are going to cover in this guide: What […]

Solar Battery Guide

Solar Batteries: A Beginners Guide

In this article, you are going to learn all about Solar Batteries. You will understand what the differences are between the types of solar battery, how they fit into a Solar System, how many you’ll need and more. Here’s the breakdown: What Are Solar Batteries Fundamentals What Kind Are Best For Solar Power How To […]

Lithium-ion Solar Batteries

Lithium-ion Solar Batteries, The Complete Starter Guide

Lithium-ion Solar Batteries have become very popular in South Africa for being reliable, safe and having a longer life span than Lead-Acid batteries. While it may seem daunting right now, our lithium solar battery guide will help you see the light – pun intended! For your sake (and mine) I’ll skip over the intricate details […]

Solar Power Business

Solar Power for Business or Commercial

One of the fundamentals of running a successful business is keeping expenses at a minimum. In other words, the natural course of action for any business owner/manager is to assess every section of the business, and the expenses that go with them. Using Solar Power for business is one of the most effective ways you can […]