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Solar Power for Business or Commercial

One of the fundamentals of running a successful business is keeping expenses at a minimum. In other words, the natural course of action for any business owner/manager is to assess every section of the business, and the expenses that go with them. Using Solar Power for business is one of the most effective ways you can start cutting those expenses.


Introducing Commercial Solar Power Systems

Solar Power for Business As a business owner, you know perfectly well that every cent needs to have a tangible purpose. For example, one of your biggest monthly expenses includes the electricity bill, because without power you can forget about running a business. Now, how exactly are you going to cut back on what is considered a basic necessity you are forced to get from one main supplier?

A Spar chain-store in Johannesburg recently decided to use Solar Power for their business, and the results of the investment is nothing short of dramatic. And to give you some idea of the possibilities when you empower your business with a commercial solar power system, here is the process of what this particular Spar went through.


Turning an Expense into an Investment – The Process

As a convenience store, the public expects it to be open for long hours and every day of the week. At the same time, fridges need to keep produce and other foods fresh, frozen, and prepped for purchase. Then there are the cashiers and computers that keep the system up and running, and hundreds of other things dependent on electricity.

The most effective solution was a commercial Solar system, and before the owners of the store made the investment, they were spending an average of R110k per month on electricity. It was also established that R61,000.00 of that bill was to keep the doors open during the day. This meant that they could reduce almost 60% of the bill by simply getting enough Solar Power while the sun was shining.


The Breakdown

The instalment we did, which is broken down in more practical details through the diagram, was an 188kw grid-tied system. The equipment included high-quality Huawei inverters and JA Solar 330w panels (totaling 548 panels of 330w). With this system intact, the store could expect an estimated daily production of 995.5kw, enough to help them save an average of R60,000.00 a month.

The total cost for the system came to R1.65m, which should be recouped in about 2.3 years based on the principle that the price of electricity won’t increase, which is highly unlikely. And when it does increase, it only speeds up the ROI date. The best part is that the system will be efficient for the next 15+ years with very little maintenance involved.


Additional Benefits of going Solar

Solar Power for Business Yes, R60k a month is a lot of money to save, but it’s not the only advantage associated with using Solar Power for Business. Your business will also be more independent from the grid, especially during office hours.

Then there is the matter of going green, and adding it to the brand of your company. Seeing as there are so many aspects of going green that can reduce grid electricity usage, modern clients have a new respect for companies that show initiative. Do you want your business to share the same reputation? Because investing in a Commercial Solar Power system is a great start that will also save you a lot of money.