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Off-Grid Solar Power

For everyone who wants to know what real independence feels like, an off-grid solar power system just might be your ideal setup. Of course, it’s not something you decide overnight. But the idea of splitting ways with Eskom gets more appealing with every passing day. Even though this is the type of system people only really turn to when they live in remote areas without grid power, you can have the same liberty at your home.

How does an Off-Grid System Work?

Basically, having an off-grid solar power system means you are completely independent from Eskom. It also means that you have system that harvests and stores enough energy to fulfill your needs. Even though this isn’t a typical setup and you won’t see many of them in suburban areas, for remote locations they are perfect.

However, there are some things to take into consideration before going off the grid. For example, if you want your home to run on solar energy alone you have to do the math. How much energy are you going to need per day and how much need to be stored? Given that you will be completely dependent on the sun, taking a few precautions won’t hurt. Plus, working with the space and angles of your house can make it a little more difficult to achieve the most efficient setup, but it’s not impossible.

Alternatively, you can add a supplementary source, like a generator, when you face weeks of cloudy weather. But in South Africa, the sun is usually the first thing you see in the morning, making off-grid solar power systems a very popular choice.

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The Pros

  • Straightforward System

Seeing as you won’t be switching between grid and solar power, it makes an off-grid solar power system a little more straightforward. You’ve got your panels strategically installed, an inverter to switch the energy, a solar charge controller to make the batteries more efficient, and the sun to keep feeding you free energy.

  • Complete Energy Independence

While everyone is pulling out their hair in Eskom frustration, you’ll be sorted and comfortable. Blackouts and electricity prices won’t have an immediate effect on you anymore.

  • Never Get Billed Again

Can you imagine a life where you don’t receive an electricity bill anymore? That’s the life you can have with an off-grid system. Now, just think about all the money you are going save in the long-term.

  • Clean Energy

Not only will you be independent and save loads of money, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. Going off the grid means decreasing your carbon footprint.

The Cons

  • A Big Initial Investment

Given that you want to make use of solar energy only, you are going to need enough solar panels and quality battery storage. The ultimate price is going to depend on what you need and what you can afford to live with. Luckily, you get all the best prices as Solar Advice.

  • More Maintenance

An off-grid solar power system doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. But if this is your only source of energy, do yourself a favor and check it regularly. Keep the panels clean, make sure your batteries are working efficiently, and the inverter is healthy.

A Final Thought

You don’t have to live in a remote location in order to consider an off the grid system, and it’s nice to know you have affordable options through Solar Advice. Anything you need to break away from the clutches of Eskom, we’ve got it.